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Step Four: Assign Scores

Next, score each force, from, state, one (weak) to five (strong), based on the level of impact every one is wearing the program, and you can add the scores up for every single part (pros and cons).

For the artistic representation regarding the influence that all force has, draw arrows around them. Use larger arrows for the forces that may have a larger impact on the alteration, and smaller arrows for forces which will have weaker impact.

Right now, your Force Field review should look something such as the instance in figure 2, below.

Figure 2 – Example Force Field Analysis

Image adapted from “Tools for Knowledge and Learning helpful information for developing and Humanitarian Organisations” by Ben Ramalingam © Overseas Development Institute 2006. Adjusted with authorization from Ben Ramalingam.

Action 5: Analyze and Apply

given that you have done your Force Field research, it can be used by you in 2 means:

  1. To determine whether or perhaps not to go ahead using the decision or modification.
  2. To consider which supportive forces you can strengthen and which opposing or resisting forces you are able to damage, and exactly how to help make the modification more lucrative.

In the event that you had to implement the task into the instance above, the analysis might suggest a quantity of modifications that you may make into the initial plan. For example, you might:

  • Train staff to reduce their concern with technology. The +1 price of training increases «Cost» to -4 however the -2 advantages decrease «Staff fearful of brand new technology» to -1.
  • Show staff that modification is essential for company success. This brand brand new, +2 force supports the alteration.
  • Show staff that brand brand brand new machines would introduce variety and interest for their jobs. This brand brand new, +1 force also supports the alteration.
  • Raise wages to mirror new efficiency. The cost that is +1 of wages takes «Cost» to -5, nevertheless the -2 advantages reduce «Loss of overtime» to -1.
  • Install machines that are slightly different filters that expel air pollution. The -1 advantage of the machines that are new «Impact on environment» as a force against modification.

These modifications would move the total amount from 11:10 (contrary to the plan), to 13:8 (and only the program).

Suggestion 1:

Some facets, where you require absolute certainty so as to make a decision that is good do not fit well using this approach. Considerations that affect people’s safe practices, as an example, are not worthy of Force Field review. Make sure to cope with these properly, regardless of the upshot of your analysis.

Suggestion 2:

Be aware that, while Force Field review allows you to comprehend the effect of various facets in your change or decision, it could be subjective. If you should be making a crucial choice, deploying it alongside other decision-making tools such as for example choice Matrix Analysis , Decision Tree review , and Cost/Benefit review will assist you to reinforce the standard of your choice.

Suggestion 3:

Do not underestimate exactly just how much work a Force Field review can involve. We have utilized a easy example right here, but you will have many facets you will have to give consideration to for complex choices and modifications.

Key Points

Force Field research enables you to consider the pressures pros and cons a choice or an alteration. It absolutely was manufactured by Kurt Lewin.

To transport out a Force Field review, describe your plan or proposition in the center of a bit of paper or whiteboard. Then list most of the forces for improvement in a column regarding the left-side, and all sorts of of the forces against improvement in a line regarding the right-side.

Rating each element, and include the scores up for every line. Then you can determine whether or otherwise not to go ahead because of the modification.

Instead, you should use your analysis to consider tips on how to bolster the forces that support the alteration and weaken the forces opposing it, so your modification is more effective.

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