The word that is“queer an umbrella term for intimately and gender diverse individuals, frequently used by those who find themselves non-heterosexual or non-cisgender.

This term carried negative connotations in days gone by, because individuals utilized them as slurs and insults. Nevertheless, people in the LGBTQ+ community have actually started adopting the definition of and using it to spell it out themselves.



Semisexuality relates to a “grey” spectral range of sex that lies between sexuality and asexuality. An individual about this range may experience attraction that is sexual event or only towards certain individuals (age.g. individuals they’re in a partnership with). People in this spectrum are referred to as “grey- A”, “grey ace”, “grace”, “semisexual”, “asexual-ish” or “sexual-ish”.

Sex relates to a categorisation that is medical of person, frequently according to their anatomical, chromosomal or any other biological faculties. Underst d sexes consist of male, female and intersex.

Biological sex exists as being a range as opposed to discrete types of male/female, just because of variations that are biological people. These variants in physical anatomy, chromosomes (XX, XY, XXY, etc.), or hormones imply that some people don’t fall under just what culture typically labels as female or male.

Sex reassignment surgery

Intercourse reassignment surgery means the surgical alteration of a person’s intercourse, which could form part of a trans transition process that is person’s. Not absolutely all trans individuals elect to or have the ability to have sexual intercourse reassignment surgery (because of its sometimes prohibitively high expenses).


Sexism relates to a prejudice, hatred, or hostility towards individuals predicated on their intercourse. As the male intercourse is the socioeconomically advantaged intercourse, sexism frequently unfairly disadvantages women.

Associated terms Intercourse

Intimate orientation

Sexual orientation vs. Gender identity vs. Gender phrase

A person’s orientation that is sexual to exactly how they’re romantically, emotionally, and/or sexually attracted or maybe not drawn to other people.

Their gender identity relates to how they identify internally as a person, girl, neither, both, or several other gender. This is certainly split from their intimate orientation.

Their sex phrase relates to the way they express their sex externally . This can be di ff erent than their interior sex identity. For instance, a person could get across gown as a female for performance, but nonetheless recognize using the gender that is male.


Sexual-ish relates to a “grey” spectral range of sex that lies between asexuality and sex. Someone with this range can experience attraction that is sexual occasion or only towards particular people (age.g. people they’re in a relationship that is romantic). Individuals in this range are referred to as “grey- A”, “grey ace”, “grace”, “semisexual”,“sexual-ish” or“asexual-ish”.

She / Her / Hers

“She / Her / Hers” is a couple of gender-specific pronouns utilized to ladies or girls.


Straight is really a term that is colloquial to explain heterosexual people.

Related terms Heterosexual

They / Them / Theirs

This pair of pronouns is usually utilized to categories of individuals (plural). But, these pronouns are increasingly utilized as gender basic pronouns to a solitary individual (singular).

The application of the“they that is singular pronoun is probably the essential commonly used gender neutral pronoun, to some extent because of its simplicity of use and understanding when compared with other proposed pronouns.

Trans man

Trans woman

A trans girl is brief for a transgender girl, and means an individual whoever sex identification and/or sex expression is the fact that of a lady, but had been assigned the sex that is male delivery.


A transgender man or woman’s sex identity and/or sex phrase varies through the intercourse these were assigned at delivery. This consists of individuals who identify with numerous genders, no sex, or genders beyond your man/woman binary. Not totally all transgender people decide to undergo medical transition.

This term is oftentimes abbreviated as “trans”.


The word “transition” is definitely an umbrella term that relates to procedures where a trans moves that are individual one sex presentation to some other.

You can find 3 broad aspects to this

  1. Personal title, pronouns, interactions. For instance, a trans person might begin adopting a title which they prefer, as opposed to the one fond of them at birth.
  2. Healthcare hormones, surgery. This can include intercourse reassignment surgery, or treatment that is hormonal. Healthcare change may well not continually be very easy to get, or could be prohibitively high priced.
  3. Appropriate appropriate title modifications, gender marker changes (age.g. from Mr. to Ms.), etc. Legal change may well not often be available, and depends greatly from the regional guidelines.

A trans individual might transition in every combination, or none at all.

Associated terms Transgender


Transphobia relates to a prejudice, hatred, or hostility towards transgender people. Some ch se the term “cissexism” to “transphobia”, because the latter can appear to justify functions of hostility using the excuse of “the concern with the unknown”.

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